UNITY IN DIVERSITY - De Kracht van de Tweelingziel

The human mind is like a musical composition

I've been personal/coaching many people for many years.
I do artistic business coachings for large organisations such as

Bank Breda, Janssen HIV, Price Waterhouse Coopers, OM Partners, Belgische distributiedienst, Spikes, Tadio Holland, Huiverpleging Lemmens, KIA, HR Productions, Carglass, Mercedes, Stad en sociaal huis Mechelen ea

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We all have our own model of the world and we all are unique. This is already a miracle.
We have a sub consciousness that works like a hard drive from a computer.
As on a computer we've got folders with documents included. This is exactly the same with our mind.
Everything in life is captured and stored in a document, in a specific folder, in our mind.
All the good things that keeps us going on and also the "not so good experiences" in life.
We can and have to learn from all these experiences.

Life is like a 1000 piece puzzle. If you take away one last piece, you don't see the whole anymore and get lost in life. Often it is only placing that one piece back and you see the picture again…..

I will give you the tools to work with. You can use these tools in many situations - for the rest of your life.

The drama in life is not that it ends so quick, but it take so long to start with.

We live in Kontich - Belgium, please contact us for more info about personal coaching or company coaching.
Face-time Online Personal Coaching is also possible.