UNITY IN DIVERSITY - De Kracht van de Tweelingziel

CD: AVALON feat. Alain Smits - An Lauwereins - Hans Van Kerckhoven - Jean Bosco Safari - David Van Der Jonckheyd

Enter a musical world full of magic. Songs celebrating nature and life.
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Is Avalon Situated in Glastonbury?
It has certainly been associated with this little unique town in Somerset.
A place where the veils are thin and communication with the other dimensions is easy.
A place where souls cross.

Are you ready to take the boat and enter a world full of magic?

The Sacred Line:
The Mary and Michael ley lines
pass through the British Isles and
cross in the Chalice Well garden.
Energy, myth and magic touch
deep layers within yourself.

Is the world ready to
reconnect with the energy of
the Goddess?

Celtic Seasons:
The Celtic festivals
invite you to cherish the
uniqueness of each
moment in time

A place between two worlds.
Prepare to embark.

Dancing naked in the middle
of a crop circle
Crop circles are miracles.
Who makes them? How are they made?
Let go of these questions
and experience the energy.

The Earth
laughs in flowers
A mantra celebrating nature.

Chalice Well:
Feel the vibrations of
the beautiful peace garden
flow into your heart. 

The Other World:
The Lord of the Wild Wood and
the Queen of Fairies invite
you within their realms.

Lady of the Lake:
Listen to the invocation
of the Priestess of Avalon

Mythic Garden:
Inspired by a beautiful garden in Cornwall.
Silence and nature filled us with divine space

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